National Geographic article on black holes, reimagined for a typography class at Art Center.


I set the title sequence as the event horizon, and used the columns to show the downward pull of the interior.


Click for some process sketches and early drafts of the project,


Concept and Design - Robert Bieselin

Copy - © National Geographic



Cover and sample pages from Book Soup's "very analog 2016 holiday catalog"

Each page parodies a popular website or app.

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Concept and Design - Robert Bieselin

© Book Soup



Monthly event calendar for Book Soup (inspired by Russian Constructivism and mid-century typographic art).


Concept, Design  - Robert Bieselin

© Book Soup


Interior of an information school service pamphlet.


Concept and Design - Robert Bieselin

© Book Soup



(left) The cover of Book Soup's 2014 Holiday Catalog in all it's kitschy, technicolor glory.


In addition to store merchandise, I featured vintage holiday ephemera on each page, and wrote fake "facts" for each.  From the cover: "The fruitcake dates back to ancient Rome, where it was used as a contraceptive, flotation devices and remedy to bee stings."


(below) The centerfold of the catalog, featuring the leg lamp from "A Christmas Story," and the fake "fact": "The leg lamp from "A Christmas Story": was formed from a mold of Eleanor's left leg found in the National Archives."


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Concept and Design - Robert Bieselin

© Book Soup



Front half of a monthly newsletter for Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena.


The design of the top banner features a separate backing layer, which I change out monthly. Here, in May, Vroman's founder, A.C. Vroman is sitting in a field of sunflowers. (Every month, I try to put him in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon, but it keeps getting vetoed. Go figure.) 


Concept, Design and Copy Editing - Robert Bieselin

© Vroman's


Early draft for a pamphlet article on public urination for women, by Kawehi Wight.


I don't think there's anything I can say about inspiration/process that will distract from the urinating meerkat or the pee volume graphic...


Concept, Design and Illustration -

© Robert Bieselin


"Cover Pages"

Cover pages for separate short stories; one about a relationship that began on a bus, the other about a monster that attacks a city. (Can you guess which is which?)


[NOTE: the black frames are not part of the layout. they were added to distinguish the pages from the site background.]


Concept and Design - Robert Bieselin

Phot (left) - iStock

Illustration (right) by Gary Laib

© 2009-2021 by Robert Bieselin