My light-hearted ode to Joan Didion, created in response to news of the Tresury's Department's intention to put a woman on the $10 bill.


The campaign - which also featured bill-sized bookmarks - was covered by:

The Hollywood Reporter

The New York Times' Women in the World blog

Los Angeles Magazine

Christian Science Monitor


Take Part

Huffington Post Books

and mentioned in

New York Times Sunday Book Review

The Rumpus

Rheinische Post (Germany)

Estandarte (Spain)

and an array of industry publications and sites.


Concept and design - Robert Bieselin



Booth for the 2015 LA Times Festival of Books


I converted our booth - which was featured in

the LA Times - into an old "hall of fame" with handdrawn portraits of 40 of the most prominent guests we've had sign at Book Soup (everyone from Muhammed Ali and Hunter S. Thompson to Patti Smith and Martin Scorcese). I originally illustrated a wallpaper pattern too, but it would have cost thousands to print... went with a similiar damask print off the shelf instead.


Click for progress sketches, individual portraits, reception and press.


Concept, Illustration & Installation - Robert Bieselin



A live flower collaboration with Carly Cylinder 


Concept & Installation - Carly Cylinder & Robert Bieselin



Big Brother/NSA-themed window display on the Sunset Strip, featuring books on Government spying, drone programs, illegal detention, and dystopian police state fiction.


I embedded a live surveillance camera with a face-tracking feature into the "all-seeing eye," and broadcast the live feed on three monitors, so passersby saw what the "eye" saw.


To drive home to political point, I also affixed a large surveillance camera to the dome of the Capital Building, and had a drone pull a "Smile you're on camera" banner over the beach.


Concept, Design & Installation - Robert Bieselin



I presented a beautifully wrapped Advent Calendar on Dec. 1st, and proceeded to unwrap one picture a day, transforming our stretch of Sunset Blvd. from a cute, homey wonderland, into a ridiculous (and occasionally perverse) freak show populated by 25 creepy Santas. 


I don't think West Hollywood will never look at Santa the same again.


Concept, Design & Installation - Robert Bieselin



My first window display at Book Soup... You'd be amazed how many plastic balls you need to fill a window.


(FUN FACT: I had to do a little research to convince our Promotional Director that, despite what most people think, this isn't a dirty phrase.)


Concept, Design & Installation - Robert Bieselin



A bright xmas window, featuring fragmented icons and plenty of strobes.


Concept & Design - Robert Bieselin



This was originally designed for a booth at the LA Times Festival of Books, and recycled as a window display.


It's a literary circus, featuring Hunter S. Thompson as the Firebreather, Gertrude Stein as the Bearded Lady, and Ernest hemingway as The Strongman.


Click for process and additional images.


Concept, Design & Installation - Robert Bieselin



Used this rock-themed window - which was featured in the NY Daily News - to promote a music-heavy month (with appearances by Steve Perry, Billy Idol, Herbie Hancock et. al).


Smashed a guitar, amp, mic. stand, television and other equipment to simulate a stage after a gig in which the band destroyed their gear.


Concept, Design & Installation - Robert Bieselin



Window display celebrating the Supreme Court's decision in Obergefell v. Hodge, legalizing gay marriage (which was quite a cause for celebration in West Hollywood).


The window was filled with books about LBGT topics, and by or about LGBT authors. (I also threw in a couple books by Mike Huckabee and Antonin Scalia for fun.) 


Concept and design - Robert Bieselin



An installation that called attention to LA's murder rate by tracking each murder with a beach ball containing the age, ethnicity and town of the victim.

By the end of the 3-month run, the window was filed with more than 180 balls

Concept & Design - Robert Bieselin

c) Book Soup






Display Collaborations with:

MARTIN SCHOELLER to benefit to

Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition.


RINGO STAR for a press conference

about his photography collection.

WARNER BROS. to promote the film,

The Nice Guys

Concept and design - Robert Bieselin



Crime scene display featuring books about murder, true crime, etc.

Concept & Design - Robert Bieselin

c) Book Soup